Successfully Restoring Your Smile Color

As the years pass, exposure to different dark or color-rich foods and drinks can gradually dull your smile. As this happens, you can gradually lose confidence in your appearance, as you can worry that you look older and less healthy. While it can be difficult to manage this problem on your own, you can find that your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help. Through teeth whitening treatment, we can deal with the stains that have accumulated and worsened over the years. We can also offer solutions if you are trying to fight intrinsic discoloration, a problem within the tooth structure that makes your smile appear dull.

Are You Tired Of Worrying Over Dental Discoloration?

Our teeth can pick up stains gradually, as products like coffee, red wine, tea, and other beverages, as well as different foods, can leave behind particles that dull our enamel. As this problem worsens, it can prove both hard to ignore and hard to address. What can you do if you want to make meaningful changes to your appearance? Store bought whitening treatments are available, but they can have limited impact on the way you look. Fortunately, you can take on this issue through a professional whitening treatment, which can address discoloration that has worsened over time.

Making Plans To Brighten Your Smile With A Whitening Treatment

Through professional teeth whitening treatment, we can target stains that have gathered on your enamel and hurt your appearance. We provide quality results by preparing custom kits for our patients. These kits contain potent bleaching agents and trays that make their application easier. Over ten to fourteen days, you will apply this material once a day to fight the particles that have accumulated on your enamel. At the end of this series of daily treatments, you can see remarkable improvements!

Dealing With Intrinsic Discoloration

Intrinsic discoloration comes from different issues. One is physical trauma, which can cause your tooth to produce more dentin and dull its appearance. Another is certain medications that can cause changes in your tooth structure. If you have intrinsic issues that hurt the color of your smile, we can certainly help you. Through different cosmetic services, including treatment with porcelain veneers, we can hide these flaws and others that you feel hurt the way you look.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Restoring Your Smile Color

By visiting with Dr. Browne to discuss cosmetic treatment, you can learn about services that effectively brighten your smile. We can offer customized whitening kits to help you fight enamel stains, or we can make plans to improve the way you look with another service. To find out more, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.