3 Smile Problems Solved With Veneers

While smile flaws are an issue that many people worry about, the nature of their concerns can vary. For one person, trouble with discoloration can be a primary source of anxiety, while another person might feel self-conscious about dental damage or wear and tear. Of course, there are many who will express the desire to address several problems with their appearance. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can recommend a cosmetic procedure to take on many different issues at one time! With porcelain veneers, we can make significant changes to the way you look after a single procedure. A procedure can be completed in just two appointments, at which point you can marvel at just how much your appearance has improved.

1. We Can Address Concerns About Discoloration

If you want to do something to change the color of your teeth, you may assume that you should move forward with a teeth whitening procedure. However, there are some issues that can affect the brightness of your smile that are not stain-related. Intrinsic discoloration refers to any issue with your tooth structure that has dulled or discolored your smile. These are problems that we can address through the placement of porcelain veneers. These restorations hide blemishes and other flaws to make your smile appear healthy and bright!

2. We Can Discreetly Address Issues With Dental Damage

A chipped or cracked tooth may not require restorative work. By moving forward with a cosmetic dental procedure, we can take care of you while minimizing changes to your enamel. To restore the shape, size, and general condition of an injured tooth, we may recommend that you receive a custom veneer. Your veneer will be able to hide damage while still maintaining the natural appearance of your tooth, so it will not stand out when you smile.

3. We Can Hide Problems With Poor Alignment

Orthodontic treatment is often recommended for those who have poorly aligned teeth. In fact, our practice can even help by recommending Orthodontic Clear Aligners Clear Aligners, a series of aligners that move teeth in less time than other appliances typically require. However, in some cases, we can hide minor problems with gaps or overlaps by placing veneers.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Solving Your Smile Problems With Veneers!

What makes you self-conscious about your smile? If you are looking into how you can improve your appearance, talk to Dr. Browne about porcelain veneers! With this slim porcelain shells, we can take on many different concerns that patients have about the way they look when they smile. If you have questions about the benefits of veneers, or if you want to learn more about other cosmetic procedures, please contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.