Discussing Bite Pain With Your Dentist

healthy bite functionIf you no longer feel like you can eat certain foods without discomfort, if you avoid a certain side of your mouth while chewing, or if any jaw movement feels stiff or painful, let your dentist know. Problems with pain and sensitivity point to issues with your oral health that can worsen over time. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, Dr. Browne can evaluate you, find the reason for your difficulties, and recommend the appropriate services. Remember that you also receive important feedback and early warnings about your oral health when you schedule and attend regular checkups!

How Often Do You Feel Pain When You Bite, Chew, Or Speak?

Any experience with pain, stiffness, or sensitivity when you bite and chew can be a cause for concern. This is particularly true when pain seems to grow worse, or when it persists without an obvious cause. There are different issues, like tooth decay or physical trauma, that can cause pain in specific teeth. More general jaw pain and stiffness can point to TMJ disorder. When necessary, we can provide restorative dental work to resolve trouble while still preserving your appearance.

Using TMJ Therapy To Address Problems With Jaw Pain And Stiffness

TMJ therapy can correct uneven or awkward bite movement, improve your jaw alignment, and generally resolve troubles with pain, stiffness, and sensitivity. With a custom oral appliance you wear at night, you can correct your jaw’s position and reduce tension on your joints and muscles. We can also provide a custom guard to help people who often grind their teeth at night, an issue that commonly affects those who have unaddressed TMJ problems.

Treating Bite Pain Linked To Problems With An Unhealthy Tooth

A painful or sensitive tooth could be in pain because of a cavity, one that has grown serious enough to cause an infection. If this has happened, we will have to restore your oral health by performing root canal therapy. Once this work is done, we can provide long-term protection with a custom dental crown. Ignoring symptoms of an infection can lead to worsening discomfort as well as the potential loss of your tooth! Lingering discomfort after a physical injury can point to a problem with internal damage or infection, too.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Your Bite Pain

By taking bite pain seriously, you can learn about a potentially severe oral health issue – and have it treated – before further troubles occur. Dr. Browne provides a variety of services to address trouble that can affect your dental function. In addition to helping people restore their oral health, we provide important preventive services as well as cosmetic treatments. To find out more, please contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.