Tips To Help You Finish The Year With A Healthy Smile

With just a few weeks remaining in the year, this is a good time to both look forward to holiday fun and start thinking about what you can do to make the most of next year! While this is a time for fun, it can also be a time of trouble for your teeth. Even people who keep their holiday activities small can have an increased cavity risk. A change in your schedule brought on by a break in work, or an indulgence in a few of your favorite holiday treats, can lead to trouble with decay that will call for restorative dentistry. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help you if you still have remaining dental benefits and are due for your next routine dental visit, and we can happily provide guidance to help you end the year with a healthy, lovely smile!

Do I Still Have Time To See My Dentist This Year?

If you are past due for your next dental exam, there is still time to use what remains of your dental benefits to enjoy preventive care! Staying consistent with dental exams is important for the long-term health of your smile. At every appointment, your teeth are carefully cleaned so that plaque and tartar deposits are not able to accumulate and cause problems for you. When these visits occur, they also lead to the discovery and treatment of any problems that may have formed, even if they have not yet caused you obvious discomfort.

Be Smart About Your Oral Health During The Holiday

Even if you are current with your routine dental visits and have no need for restorative dental work, you should exercise care to end the year with a healthy smile. Because so many holiday treats are high in sugar, and because people tend to be more indulgent when feeling festive, you may put yourself at more risk for cavities if you do not offset your eating habits with healthier options between celebrations. You should also be sure that you keep up with good brushing and flossing even if you have changed your daily routine thanks to a break from work.

Starting The New Year With A Brighter, More Confident Smile

If you want to make smile improvement a priority for 2021, we can help! Through the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can leave dental flaws in the past. With just one procedure, you can find that your smile looks healthier, younger, and generally more attractive. In addition to services that brighten and restore teeth, we do provide Orthodontic Clear Aligners Clear Aligners for patients who want to do something about poor dental alignment.

Dr. Browne Can Help You Maintain A Healthy And Lovely Smile

Dr. Browne is ready to help patients end the year with healthy teeth, and he is also prepared to help you keep your smile in great shape for 2021 and beyond! To find out more, call our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.