Arranging Restorative Treatment With A Dental Bridge

Tooth loss can have a negative impact on a person’s confidence, their bite function, and their diet. In order to address these different issues, it can be important to provide a dental prosthetic that offers support for their bite as well as their smile. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is able to do this by providing custom dental bridges. With your custom bridge, you can close a gap in your smile with a permanent restoration, one that can be placed without oral surgery. Dental bridges stay in place thanks to two dental crowns, which hold one replacement tooth (or several) to close a gap in your smile. This is one of several approaches we can take to restoring your smile if you have suffered tooth loss!

Restoring Your Incomplete Smile With A Bridge

If your smile has one missing tooth, or several, we can discuss making it complete again with a custom dental bridge. The bridge will be custom-made to fit comfortably so that it can look and feel natural. The appliance will have one or more pontics, or replacement teeth, and it will be framed by dental crowns that hold it in place. Once your bridge is secured, you can be excited to see how your smile has improved, and you can enjoy the restored bite support when you eat!

How A Bridge Remains In Place

A bridge stays in place thanks to the dental crowns that are affixed to teeth around the gap in your smile. Those crowns offer a permanent hold, one that can keep your restoration from slipping, sliding, or otherwise leaving its proper place. This is a permanent answer to tooth loss. We can also use a dental implant-held restoration to provide permanent support. While a dental implant’s placement does require oral surgery, this approach to prosthetic dental work will not affect your neighboring teeth.

What Can Happen If I Keep Ignoring Tooth Loss?

Choosing to live with tooth loss can lead to complications that you would rather avoid. You may have a difficult time eating certain foods because of a gap in your smile, or you could find that you must modify your bite function to work around that empty space. Over time, an awkward bite can lead to persistent problems with jaw pain and sensitivity, or TMJ disorder. You can also have more troubles with tooth loss, as the teeth around a gap enjoy less stability.

Our Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office Can Restore Your Smile With A Dental Bridge

Dr. Browne has helped many patients restore their smiles and bite functions through prosthetic dental work! With a custom dental bridge, we can close a gap in your smile without requiring oral surgery. The work you undergo can give you a renewed confidence in your appearance as well as in your ability to bite and chew formerly difficult foods. To find out more, please call our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.