The Importance Of Restoring And Protecting A Cracked Tooth

If you injure your tooth, the problem is not something you want to ignore. Even if the damage only appears to be superficial, harm to your enamel can put you at risk for an infection that places your oral health in jeopardy. You also need to worry about the possibility that the compromised tooth will experience more damage. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office provides restorative dental work when teeth are affected by decay, but we are also prepared to restore teeth that have been suffered physical trauma. In order to prevent complications, we do provide emergency dental work so that an injury can be promptly addressed.

The Consequences Of A Dental Injury Can Be Serious

Injuring your tooth can lead to physical damage, pain, and a potentially serious infection. Cracking or breaking a portion of your enamel can create a potential for bacteria to infiltrate the tooth, which can result in damage to the tissues held in that tooth’s pulp. Without treatment, bacteria can make their way to different parts of your body by spreading through your roots! When the infection is not addressed in time, there may be no option left but to extract the tooth!

Your Dentist Can Deal With Potential Infection And Restore Your Tooth

If you visit your dentist in time for your tooth to be saved, you can look forward to restorative dental work that can completely remove your infection. Through a root canal procedure, it is possible to carefully clear away infected tissues before your pulp is sealed to prevent further problems. Once this work is concluded, the tooth can be affixed with a custom dental crown. The material types used to craft dental crowns include substances like porcelain, which can effectively imitate the appearance of healthy enamel.

What To Expect From Your Custom Dental Crown

A custom dental crown is needed any time a tooth requires more protection than it can receive from a dental filling. To properly place a crown, your dentist will measure the tooth, and perform preliminary work on it so that your restoration does not crowd neighboring teeth. A dental crown is meant to protect a tooth against further damage while restoring your ability to bite and chew normally. If you have an older crown that you no longer trust to absorb bite pressure, make sure your dentist knows about it, as a replacement can be necessary.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office Is Prepared To Restore Cracked Teeth

A cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth can be at risk for infection and further harm if not treated. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, Dr. Browne is prepared to take on problems with dental injuries, even in situations that call for emergency treatment. To find out more about our practice, call your Prairie Village, KS dentist, Dr. Browne, at 913-901-8585.