Should I Ask My Dentist About Replacing An Older Crown?

When a tooth is seriously compromised by decay, or by a physical injury, it can be necessary to place a dental crown over it. When a crown is set on a tooth, it is meant to provide permanent support, which is important because teeth in these cases will not be able to heal naturally. You should feel confident that your crown is stable enough to provide support whenever you bite and chew, and that its placement is secure. So what should you do if you are starting to worry that a crown feels less supportive, or that it might be loose? Our Prairie Village, KS dental office can talk to you about the possible need to place an older dental crown with a new restoration. Because we offer crowns made from lifelike dental materials, this replacement can lead to both cosmetic and functional improvements!

A Dental Crown Is Intended To Provide Permanent Support For Your Tooth

A dental crown has several important responsibilities. One thing you should be able to count on is your crown’s ability to protect a vulnerable tooth, and stop future issues with infections or damage. You should also feel confident that your crown is strong enough to help with biting and chewing tasks. That support allows you to maintain a natural bite function, which will help you avoid creating stress on your jaw that leads to TMJ dysfunction. With modern materials, dental crowns can even be counted on to fit in with neighboring teeth, and avoid causing problems for your smile.

Signs That A Crown Might Be In Poor Condition

If you no longer feel comfortable putting pressure on a crown, or if you feel that it is starting to loosen, you should be concerned about its condition. You can also be rightly worried if a crown’s appearance has started to change – visible wear and tear can indicate that the crown’s condition is worsening. You can bring these issues up with your dentist during a routine dental exam, or schedule a special appointment to discuss what can be done about it.

Selecting The Right Dental Crown For You

Any time a patient comes in for restorative dental work, our goal is to address all of their needs concerning their dental function and health, while also helping to preserve their appearance. If you have a need for a dental crown on a tooth that is visible when you speak and smile, we can recommend restorations made from porcelain or zirconia. These materials imitate natural tooth enamel, and help you preserve your appearance!

Talk To Dr. Browne About Replacing An Older Crown In Poor Condition

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