Quiz: Finding A Path That Leads To A Whiter Smile

If you keep looking at your smile and wishing it were brighter, it may be time to let your dentist know how you are feeling. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can offer cosmetic procedures that are capable of providing patients with big improvements. When it comes to addressing discoloration, many cases will be best addressed with a professional whitening treatment. You can look forward to results that exceed the changes that store bought products make possible, and you can see those changes in less time than you might anticipate. For cases where a person wants to address discoloration caused by internal tooth problems, alternative cosmetic dental procedures might be more effective.


True Or False: Stains can slowly gather on your teeth, even if you are doing enough to keep your smile safe from cavities.

True Or False: Porcelain veneers are sometimes used to address discoloration. This procedure can help with the problem of internal tooth issues that negatively impact the whiteness of teeth.

True Or False: You may see limited results from a store bought whitening treatment. A professional whitening treatment can be more effective at clearing away stains below the surface of your enamel.


True! Stains from different beverages and food items can leave stains that build up slowly over time. While smart brushing and flossing can help you keep your teeth healthy, those stains can eventually make changes to how you look.

True! If your tooth is discolored because of an injury, or due to a side effect from certain medications, the problem may be difficult to effectively treat with whitening agents.

True! Professional whitening agents can give you a better chance at removing those stains that have accumulated and moved below the surface of your enamel. While store bought products can have benefits for the way you look, their ultimate improvements may underwhelm you.

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