Avoiding Tooth Pain: 2 Things To Stop Chewing On

You know that there are many things you can do that may either encourage problems or prevent them. However, when it comes to habits that you don’t really even notice you perform on a consistent basis, this type of action tends to fly under the radar (making it harder to recognize and control). We’d like to open your eyes to a couple possible things you may be doing on a very regular basis and likely without any awareness of the problem. As a result, you can do your best to side step some very simple yet harmful habits that may lead to tooth pain.

#1: Anything At Your Desk

People often nibble or chew on items when they’re focusing (on work, for instance). Is there anything in your work space that you’re absent-mindedly chewing on? You may not recognize that this is something you participate in, possibly every day, which is why it’s time to ask yourself if this is a habit. You may chew on a pen, you may unwind a paperclip with your teeth, you may grip a pencil in your mouth, etc. In addition to tooth pain, these are the types of actions that may yield broken or chipped teeth, strained jaws, and can even promote bruxism!

#2: Utensils

Begin paying close attention to your habits during mealtime or while you enjoy snacks. Ask yourself whether you tend to chew on utensils. You may be doing this without realizing it. Unfortunately, it can end up leading to tooth pain or even damage. For instance, as you’re cooking, do you taste something and then walk around with the spoon in your mouth, gripping it between your teeth? Do you take a bite of pasta and then end up nibbling on your fork as you read or do something else? You don’t want to chew on utensils.

Receive Our Help For Breaking Bad Habits

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