3 Reminders: Compresses For Your Tooth Pain

When you’re experiencing tooth pain (which may be accompanied by swelling), what you want immediately is to feel better. This can cause a bit of confusion for patients at the get go who are not sure whether to go with a cold compress, a warm compress, and how to achieve the relief they need. We’d like to run through just a few basics that will help you quickly take the edge off of your discomfort and to ease inflammation, so you can relax as you wait for your appointment (Don’t forget: We offer emergency dental care for these moments!).

Reminder #1: Skip The Heat

Heat isn’t going to do what you want it to do. It may offer a bit of relief right as you begin but when you apply hot or warm compresses for tooth pain, you are headed toward achieving the opposite of your goal. Heat causes things to expand, which means it may exacerbate swelling, which will potentially make your acute pain worse than it already is.

Reminder #2: Do Choose Cold!

The best remedy is to reach for a cold compress, which is easy to do by relying on ice. The cold will help constrict your blood vessels, which makes swelling go down. It will also provide a numbing effect. As inflammation decreases and tissues become a bit numb, your tooth pain will feel much less severe.

Reminder #3: Don’t Apply Ice Directly To Skin

Ice that has been packed into an ice pack, wrapped in a towel, etc., will give your tooth pain the relief you need. However, when you apply ice directly to your skin (or apply a pack for much too long), it can cause serious damage like frostbite. Keep this in mind for safe relief!

Contact Us For Emergency Care For Your Tooth Pain

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