Time For Review: Thinning Enamel

You won’t notice it when your enamel begins to thin. However, when this goes on for quite a while and your enamel wears down, some obvious problems will develop. The goal, of course, is to avoid allowing your enamel to become damaged by avoiding acidic foods and drinks, as well as keeping your smile safe with brushing and flossing (and cleanings and checkups, too). However, whether you need some motivation to keep up with care or if you think damage may have already occurred, now is a good time to review what may come of worn enamel.

Sensitivity May Happen

Did you know that your enamel isn’t full of nerves? That’s why you can eat cold foods, hot foods, etc., without dealing with serious sensitivity. However, the layers that are protected by your enamel are sensitive because they do contain nerves. So, when you’re dealing with worn enamel, you may find that you experience sensitivity. Better to prevent this from happening!

Your Teeth May Appear Yellow

The tissue layer below your enamel (dentin) is a yellowish color. Your enamel, when it is healthy, is thick enough to hide this and reflect light, causing your teeth to look white. When you end up with worn enamel, the yellow hue can shine through and you end up with a smile that appears discolored.

Teeth Become Weak

Your enamel is super strong! Unfortunately, when you have worn enamel, your teeth aren’t so stable anymore. Avoid crumbling, cracking, breaking, decayed teeth by protecting your smile with prevention.

See Us For Help With Enamel Health

Remember that there are numerous ways to help you protect your enamel and that we can address damage that’s already occurred! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.