Help! I Have A Toothache In My Artificial Tooth!

When you have natural teeth and you have a toothache, you’re not sidetracked by any confusion. You know your tooth hurts, hopefully you call us and let us know, we see you, and that’s that. You receive a diagnosis and treatment and you’re all better. However, when you experience pain in an artificial tooth, you may find yourself a little weirded out, wondering where the discomfort is coming from, how it’s even present, and what to do next. We are here to guide you!

What’s Happening

If you find that you have a toothache when it comes to a tooth that has a dental crown over it, there may be a variety of things going on. Your crown may be damaged, there may be decay beneath the tooth, or it may even be that a disorder like bruxism is irritating that tooth. If you have pain where you used to have a tooth and now you have a bridge, partial, or implant at that site, then you’re aware you don’t have natural tissue left, so where is the pain coming from? It may be related to your gum tissue, jawbone, or even a neighboring tooth. Before you become extremely worried, remember that it’s often hard to pinpoint the source of pain and particularly the reason on your own.

What To Do

So your artificial tooth has a toothache and you feel a little shy about mentioning this to us. We really wish you wouldn’t feel that way! As mentioned, you need our team for a thorough examination, which will include our looking at the site and likely taking advanced images with digital X-rays. Remember that pain signifies a problem in many instances, so don’t ignore it. Come talk with us and we will find out what’s causing the discomfort and how to fix it.

See Our Team For Any Type Of Tooth Discomfort

When you have any type of toothache, even one where you don’t have a natural tooth, come see our team immediately for care! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.