Tooth Pain: Surprising Ways You Cause Aggravation

There are some obvious causes of tooth pain that you’re already familiar with. For instance, if you have a cavity, it could end up causing a toothache. However, you may notice that we frequently mention there are many possible factors that promote discomfort, which is why it’s always best for you to come in to see our team if you do experience pain. What might they be? Are there causes you haven’t considered? Perhaps! Let’s review some ways that may surprise you.

OTC Whitening

When you choose to buy over-the-counter (OTC) whitening from the store, you may be headed toward tooth pain. Why is that? Well, the stuff you’re using to try to brighten your teeth is going to be full of harsh ingredients (we use gentle ingredients). Serious sensitivity, especially if you overuse the product in an effort to get beautiful results, can feel extremely uncomfortable.

Never-Ending Chewing

Are you someone who is always chewing on something? Maybe it’s chewing gum, a pen tip, a snack, a cup full of ice, and the list continues. All day chewing can exhaust and even damage teeth, can stress your jaw joints, and may end up causing you some tooth pain.

Messing With Your Teeth

Do you mess with your teeth as habit? Maybe you tap on them with your fingernails. Maybe you tend to push on them with your tongue. When you continually put pressure on a tooth, you can end up aggravating it. It’s best to leave teeth alone except when using them to eat or speak or to clean them!

Clenching While Concentrating

Even if you don’t suffer from bruxism, remember that if you clench your teeth when you’re concentrating, you may end up with tooth pain. Your jaws are very strong, which means clenching places a significant amount of pressure on your teeth. Make note of this and keep your jaw relaxed!

Receive Tooth Pain Care With Our Practice

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