Front Teeth Problems: What To Do?

What’s wrong with your smile? Is it not your entire smile that you’re worried about but instead, you’re focused on improving your front teeth? This is a common tale! Before you assume that you can only fix a single tooth or all of your teeth with advanced care, remember that options abound! For your smile concern, we can help you make your smile look dramatically more pleasing by having a discussion with you regarding what you dislike and the treatments we offer to make things better.

Align Them Easily

We can easily align your front teeth if that’s the thing concerning you. You’re not going to have to make your way through an exhaustive process with traditional metal braces. Instead, talk to us about your smile. We may suggest either MTM aligners to guide things into place or we may suggest porcelain veneers to create teeth that look gorgeously aligned.

Camouflage Serious Esthetic Problems

Sometimes, you just have some serious issues that have affected your front dental tissue. You might have staining. You may wish you could do something about an up-and-down appearance when tooth lengths aren’t exactly consistent. Maybe you wish your teeth’s texture was a little more impressive. Veneers will let us camouflage an exceptionally long list of challenges.

Address Little Issues For Big Results

Remember that the issue you’re facing with front teeth may be a collection of smaller problems that add up to create a smile you’re not happy with. Chips, craze lines, isolated stains, spaces, and more can be frustrating. Talk with us about how cosmetic care like bonding and more will help.

Make Your Smile Lovely By Addressing Front Teeth

When it’s just the visual part of your smile you’re concerned with, come talk with us about our cosmetic solutions! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.