The Age-Old Question: What Should I Wear?

First things first, we’d like you to remember that coming in for dental care doesn’t include the added stress of worrying you should be impressing us with your wardrobe. However, we do like to remind patients who ask, “What should I wear?” that for some individuals, the answers to this inquiry can make a big impact. It can mean the difference between a relaxing, comfy dental visit and then one during which you think through your morning and ask yourself why you didn’t make a better clothing selection. Let’s get down to the sartorial details!

Something That’s Warm!

You may have noticed that it can feel a bit cold when you come in for care. If you tend to get a bit chilly when you’re in for your dental visit, then do yourself a favor and bundle on up! Wear layers, so you have options. If you’re cold, you may keep them all on. If you find you’re too warm, you can peel your outer layer off. Easy!

Nothing That’s Too Tight

Anything that feels a bit binding at home might end up feeling much more uncomfortable as you’re trying to relax in our dental chair. Promote comfortable dental care with us by remembering to wear something loose enough for you to move around in and to lie back in! This includes your pants, socks, shoes, shirt, etc. You’ll be happy you made this choice.

Something That Is Comfortable

Now, regarding every other aspect of your outfit for your dental care visit: Make those details comfortable, too! All you want to think about when you see us is having a relaxing time, so wear something soft and cozy (or at least something that isn’t itchy) when you come in!

Get Ready For Visits With Our Advice

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