Rinsing Questions

Have you noticed that there’s a lot of advice out there that includes rinsing your smile with water to protect your oral health? Do you find this a little bit confusing because you’re not sure if you should be rinsing after everything you eat or only right before you brush and floss? Then again, should you rinse your mouth out after you brush? Or, will that rinse the fluoride away? Don’t worry another moment. We can help you out with these simple and very important concerns.

Should I Rinse After I’m Finished Brushing?

Actually, it’s best to avoid rinsing after you finish brushing. Instead, do your best to spit out all of the product remaining in your mouth. Then, try to wait as long as you can before eating or drinking (or, if going to bed, try to simply go straight to bed after brushing). Why? Well, you don’t want to rinse away the fluoride on your teeth. It helps keep your teeth strong, which is important for your oral health.

Will Rinsing With Salt Water Really Heal Problems?

It really will. Did you know that salt water helps kill the bacteria in your mouth? It’s also very gentle (even though you may not love the way it feels or tastes), which means if you’re attempting to heal and protect a sore or cut, you won’t aggravate it. You’ll only help it go away, so your oral health returns to normal.

Should I Rinse My Smile Throughout The Day?

It’s good for your oral health if you can rinse throughout the day. This can be as simple as drinking water and swishing it around before swallowing. Flushing sugars and carbs from tooth surfaces is always wonderful protection against issues like decay.

Consider Helpful, Easy Tips For Oral Health

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