Fruit Facts: The Good And The Bad

Fruit! You can pull it from a tree and enjoy a delightful snack. You should eat it every day because it’s packed full of nutrients that are essential for your wellbeing! So, how could it be bad, you might wonder to yourself? Well, here’s the straight talk: It’s good for your general health but it can lead to some issues for your dental health if you aren’t careful. Not to worry, though, we can most certainly help you navigate eating all the fruit you love, while your grin remains healthy.

Fact: Its Natural Sugars Can Cause Damage

While you might think that reaching for fruit instead of candy means you automatically get an A+ for the day, you might be overlooking the fact that fruit has natural sugar in it. Unfortunately, this sugar also contributes to oral disease like tooth decay and problems with your gum health. This just means you have to be a little extra mindful when you eat it by washing your mouth with water afterwards (and you should probably brush your teeth 30 minutes later) to protect your dental health.

Fact: Acidic Fruits Are Extra Dangerous

Guess what? Just about any fruit you eat is going to be acidic to some extent. However, those that are known for their super acidic nature are more likely to contribute to dental erosion (think sunny fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits). Simply follow the aforementioned suggestions for rinsing and brushing to avoid damage.

Fact: Fiber-Packed Foods Are Beneficial

Now for the good news! When you choose fruits that are packed with fiber and not super acidic, you’re benefiting your dental health. Selections like apples will increase salivation, which then helps clean your teeth by removing bacteria.

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