Take Part In The 2017 Parks Passport

Are you someone who loves spending time outdoors? Do you generally head out to the same spots in our Prairie Village community over and over? If so, you might find that you have a truly amazing time by checking out some pretty exceptional spots throughout other communities in North Johnson County. Learn more about the 2017 Parks Passport for further details!

About the Event

The 2017 Parks Passport is your key to enjoying the parks in our city (and nearby towns), while you complete a passport that challenges you to do the following (oh, and you have the chance to win some exciting prizes!):

  • Visit listed parks approved within North Johnson County
  • Answer specified questions (you’ll find answers during your adventures)
  • Turn your finished passport in for the chance to win a prize

Event Date

The 2017 Parks Passport program is going on from July 1st through August 6th, 2017. Turn the finished result in by August 12th for a chance to win!

Event Location

Download your passport here.


All you have to do is complete the passport to participate!

Contact Information

Have some questions? Contact the Parks and Recreation Department in charge of this fun program by calling 913-381-6464 or call Alley Williams at 913-385-4635.

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