Oral Health: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Share

While we always appreciate meeting someone with a sharing nature, there are those times in life when it’s very important to reel in that desire and to keep your items to yourself. This is quite notable when it comes to your dental care. In some instances, sharing products can actually lead to some problems for your oral health (and can even make you sick). Consider a few things to avoid swapping with others, so you keep your smile and your overall health in wonderful condition.

#1: Don’t Share Your Toothbrush!

You don’t want to share your toothbrush if you’re doing all that you can to optimize your dental care! Why not, you wonder? Can’t you share it with someone that you spend nearly all of your time with, such as a spouse? The answer is no! The bacteria that you pick up on your bristles are often unique to your smile; transferring them to someone else’s smile can lead to oral health issues.

#2: Don’t Share Anything (When You’re Sick)

Are you sick? Don’t share anything that might come into contact with your mouth either directly or indirectly with anyone. For instance, don’t share toothpaste during this time. You might transfer germs onto the toothpaste when it makes contact with your brush.

#3: Don’t Share Oral Appliances

Does your friend mention that she experiences TMJ disorder symptoms, so you offer to let her try out your TMJ mouthguard? Not a good idea. While it’s very thoughtful of you to want to help someone enjoy relief, sharing any type of product you put in your mouth is not a good plan (as you know, regarding the sharing of bacteria). In addition, something that’s custom fitted to your mouth will not fit someone else, which can lead to problems.

Keep Your Smile Healthy With Helpful Tips

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