Calcium And Your Smile: 1,2,3 Details You Need

You have heard at least once in your lifetime (though it’s probably been thousands at this point) that calcium is an essential mineral for your body. Did you know that it’s extremely important for your oral health, too? To ensure you understand why you need it, where to get it, and more, we are happy to provide you with a quick yet detailed collection of the information you need in 1,2,3 steps.

#1: It’s All About Strength

The reason you need calcium is all about strength. You need to get enough of it in your system every day in part because it keeps bones strong, so your skeleton can support your body! Then, of course, it also keeps your teeth durable, hard, and strong, too, so you can enjoy good oral health and teeth that let you chew and speak without concern.

#2: You Need Around 1,000mg

Remember that depending on your age, gender, and other factors, the amount of calcium you need on a daily basis is going to be unique. To ensure you’re getting just what you need, it’s best to sit down with your general practitioner to iron out the details. Generally speaking, however, healthy smiles are getting about 1,000mg daily.

#3: It Comes From Multiple Sources

You’re not just going to get your calcium from a glass of milk, if that’s the only source you know (though dairy is certainly a good provider of the mineral). It is found in other natural foods, too (did you know spinach and almonds contain it?) so do some research! Of course, you can also supplement with pills from your local vitamin store.

Learn About Essential Minerals Your Smile Needs

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