Things You Cannot Accomplish With Your Toothbrush

There’s an awful lot that you can accomplish with your daily brushing that you perform twice (in the morning and again in the evening). This, of course, is why we suggest you make brushing a consistent part of your daily dental hygiene! While it offers substantial protection for your oral health, however, that toothbrush of yours is no superhero. Before you assume it can do just about anything, allow us to fill you in on some stuff it can’t do, so you have a clearer understanding of its limits.

You Cannot Erase Serious Stains

Your toothbrush can remove plaque and surface pigmentation from the day. However, it cannot remove stains from your teeth. This is because discoloration doesn’t happen outside of your tooth on the surface. It happens deeper into the tissue. You’ll need cosmetic dentistry to either cover up those stains or to break them apart and lift them.

You Cannot Thoroughly Clean Your Smile

You can get your teeth surprisingly clean and feeling good with your toothbrush and your toothpaste. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking your dental hygiene is complete once your brushing is complete. Instead, remember that you need to floss once a day, too, and you need dental cleanings twice a year for a smile that’s truly clean.

You Cannot Reverse Damage

Do you have a cavity? Tooth infection? Gingivitis? You can’t make any of these (or other problems) go away by brushing better. You will need professional dental care for issues that have already begun to occur. However, consistent dental hygiene will help prevent additional problems from developing.

Protect Your Smile With Solid Dental Hygiene Knowledge

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