Three Parts To Preventive Care For Clean Smiles

Have you spent much time lately thinking about preventive care? If not, we encourage you to set aside a brief spell and ask yourself if you really know what it’s made up of. As a result, you’ll quickly discover whether you’re likely mastering this area of dental care for yourself or if you might need a little guidance to prevent all manner of problems from affecting your oral health. Ready for the three parts that you should be making a consistent part of your life? We’ve got them ready for you!

Your Dental Hygiene

The most substantial part of your preventive care is going to be your dental hygiene. This is because it makes up the bulk of your prevention! Why? Well, it’s something you will practice 365 days out of the year (that’s every single day), so it’s quite important. It includes your brushing (twice a day), as well as your flossing (once a day). Keep up with it and you’ll be supporting the rest of your efforts.

Your Professional Visits

When you come to see us for your preventive care, this is another very important aspect. Without it, your efforts at home will not be quite as successful. Here’s what you should know: You keep your smile very clean with your brushing and flossing but you can’t keep it 100 percent clean. We’ll clean up what you miss (twice a year), so your oral health stays safe.

Your Daily Caution

Now, for the often overlooked detail. Practice daily caution, whether you’re choosing to rinse after you drink something acidic or you avoid foods that you’re certain will crack your teeth. As a result, your smile will stay safe!

Receive Professional Preventive Care With Us

Come in for the professional cleanings and checkups your smile needs to remain healthy. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.