Canker Sore Q&A: The Stuff You Really Want To Know

When you take a look in your mouth at the surprisingly uncomfortable sore that’s made an appearance (and you show it to a friend), you likely come to the conclusion that what you’re looking at is a canker sore. However, is it really? What does this type of sore mean, anyway? Is it contagious? To help you get a firmer grasp on this common and unpleasant visitor, we suggest making your way through questions and answers. Of course, if the details don’t line up or you’re still feeling uncertain, please schedule a visit with us!

Questions and Answers

Question: Are canker sores different from cold sores?

Answer: Yes, the canker is going to arrive inside your mouth. If you find that you have a cluster of sores on your lips, then you’re looking at a cold sore. Both types of sores can be painful, so rely more on the location to determine the type.

Question: Should I be very careful when I have a canker sore? Is this something that I might spread by kissing or sharing food?

Answer: These types of sores are not contagious, so if one shows up, you don’t have to be extra careful! If your spouse doesn’t believe you, simply have him or her ask during an upcoming dental visit.

Question: Is it bad that my canker sore looks white? Does that mean it’s infected?

Answer: This type of sore generally has a white appearance (or slightly yellow). This does not mean it’s infected. You will also find a red halo around it, which is also normal. However, if the sore feels extremely painful, does not get better, or lasts longer than a week or two without beginning to heal, contact us!