Mamelons: Those Funny Teeth Bumps

What seems to be the problem? Do you have some little bumps on your incisors that you aren’t sure about? Perhaps you wish they weren’t there because you don’t like how they look. Maybe you are simply worried that it means something is wrong with your smile. The good news is that we can instantly reassure you that these bumps called mamelons are more common than you think (and harmless). Let us cover some ground here, so you feel better about your smile.

Why Are Mamelons There?

These bumps are present on your incisors because of the way your teeth develop. They form from three lobes that, as your tooth grows, fuse together. As a result, you have a single unit (your tooth) with some rounded bumps on the top. They are there when your tooth bursts through your gum tissue as your smile is forming.

Why Don’t All My Friends Have Them?

Whether or not the mamelons remain present depends on the way your teeth touch. If top and bottom teeth come into contact with one another, these bumps gradually wear down due to the natural, gentle wear and tear that comes with daily life. If the wear and tear doesn’t smooth them away, they remain. Some people have them in adulthood, some don’t.

What Can I Do About Them?

If you don’t mind the mamelons, you can just ignore them. If you don’t like them, you may schedule dental contouring, so we can smooth this portion of your teeth for you.