Try It Yourself? Or Call The Dentist?

You might find yourself tempted to play dentist occasionally because you feel confident you can complete a quick DIY job without scheduling a visit. While this would certainly make your life a tiny bit easier by saving you a trip to see us, there is a reason you come see us for dental visits in the first place: We are dental professionals! We have a whole bunch of expertise that allows us to keep your smile safe, beautiful, healthy, and to stop it from experiencing unnecessary damage. In a nutshell, in nearly every instance it is best to call us. Want some examples? We’ve got them!

When You Want Whiter Teeth

We know, you see lots and lots of ways to make your smile appear whiter without the help of dental professionals. You see home remedies online, you see whitening strips at the store, and you see toothpaste that claims to do extraordinary things that it simply cannot accomplish. We say, save your time, save your money, and save your tears! You can get the vibrant, lovely grin you have been hoping for by visiting us. Try whitening out yourself and you may be disappointed in the results and the damage that can happen.

When Something Is Stuck

Did you get a piece of popcorn kernel stuck between two teeth or it somehow seems to have cemented itself to your tooth? Get a piece of chip stuck between two teeth and you are shocked to realize it will not budge? When your attempt at flossing it out doesn’t work, don’t go reaching for a fork or something that might resemble a dental instrument. Sit tight, give us a call, come in for a dental visit, and a member of our team of dental professionals will solve the problem!