No More Filling Fears: We Answer Your Questions

When you’re thinking about your dental filling visit that’s coming up in the future, what is your general outlook? Is it one of relief and positivity because you’re so happy your smile will be healthy again? Or, is it one of fear and negativity because you have heard frightening stories and because you don’t know what to expect? In a nutshell, we think you should be experiencing the former option, which is to feel great confidence! If you aren’t, however, we would love to help fill you in on the essential information that can help you get to such a point of optimism about fixing your tooth.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is my tooth going to feel uncomfortable after you place the dental filling? I’ve always heard that it will be difficult to drink cold or hot beverages without sensitivity.

Answer: Not at all. This is something that often rings true for metal fillings, which conduct heat quite well. The composite fillings we place, however, are poor thermal conductors. Translation: They won’t get too hot or too cold, so sensitivity isn’t an issue.

Question: Is it going to be obvious that I’ve received a dental filling? Is there a way to fix my tooth and have it look natural?

Answer: Again, thanks to our use of composite over metal, you can expect your tooth to look complete and new again. We match the filling to your tooth for an undetectable finish.

Question: Is it going to take a long time to recover after the dental filling? Am I going to have to take time off from work?

Answer: Aside from the brief appointment you require for us to place the filling, you won’t need to take time away from usual activities. You will need to wait for the local anesthetic to wear off before returning to eating (but this will wear off quickly).