Flossing: Let’s Make Sure You Like What You’re Doing

When we’re talking about the basics of your dental hygiene, it seems like there’s not much going on. You need to brush your teeth. You need to floss your teeth. What more could there be to discuss? As a matter of fact, there’s a lot to discuss! Especially if you find that you are unhappy with any aspect of your care. Why is it so important to iron out the details? Well, since each factor is essential to ensure your tissues remain healthy and safe, we have to make sure you’re on target with everything. If your flossing, for instance, isn’t enjoyable, we are happy to step in and help.

Does It Feel Okay?

Does it feel okay when you floss? If not, you might end up doing everything you can to avoid this part of your dental hygiene (which will end up causing consequences like gum inflammation or decay). If flossing hurts, if it makes your gums feel sensitive, or if you just don’t like the sensations you’re experiencing, let us know. We can figure out if anything is wrong or if you just need a little guidance. Note: It should not hurt to floss.

Does It Taste Great?

Do you find that you look forward to the way your dental floss tastes, so that’s always a perk of dental hygiene? If not, you need to get rid of it and head back to the drugstore. If it isn’t pleasing your taste buds, it’s not the right one for you.

Does The Floss Work For Your Smile?

When your floss isn’t working well during dental hygiene sessions, it’s best to identify what’s wrong and move on with a new flossing option. Think over the following:

  • Your floss is making your gums a little uncomfortable (you should try a tape version)
  • Your floss isn’t slipping between teeth easily (you should try a waxed floss)