Make The Most Of Today: Opposite Day!

Did you know that January 25 is National Opposite Day? Well, it’s not exactly as official as something like Christmas but it’s certainly something fun to recognize! Speaking of opposites, we’d like to play a little game with you. To figure out how you should be caring for your oral health, we will compare best practices with the opposite of those practices. As a result, you can make sure you’re on the right path (and that you’re not veering into not-so-good-for-you territory).

Best Practices (And The Opposite)

Best Practice: To make sure you’re taking care of your oral health, you are brushing your smile daily (twice), you’re flossing your smile, and you’re also remembering to come in to our practice, so we can clean and check your smile.

Opposite: You only brush when you feel like it, you don’t always (or ever) floss, and you only schedule care with us if something is wrong.

Best Practice: To make sure you’re on track with your restorative care, you listen to our suggestions when we tell you that you require a particular type of treatment like a dental filling, so complications do not arise.

Opposite: You know that you need a treatment for your oral health but you postpone it and wait until it worsens (or until you’re in serious pain) before scheduling your visit.

Best Practice: You make sure your dental hygiene products are in-stock in your bathroom at all times, so you never miss a brushing or flossing session.

Opposite: You use your toothbrush as long as possible and you try to squeeze every last drop out of your tube of toothpaste until you have to make a sudden dash to the store.