Dental Fillings: What Happens When You Skip Them?

womanwonderingWhat’s the first thing that goes through your mind when you learn you need a dental filling? If it’s, “I’m just not going to schedule an appointment,” then you might need a quick refresh regarding why you really do need to come see us. We understand that a filling might not be the first thing on your list of super fun activities to schedule for your life. However, by treating this minor issue, you will be thrilled to learn that you can avoid serious complications (and a need for much more complex and intense dental work) in the future.

The Cavity Will Grow

When you avoid a dental filling, the cavity does not just stay the same until you decide to treat it. Instead, the decay that has already led to the missing tissue in your tooth will continue to kill additional tissue. The cavity will get bigger, deeper, and may eventually become too large for a filling.

Your Tooth Might Break

When you have missing tissue, your tooth becomes weaker and less stable. The chance of your tooth suddenly breaking becomes much more likely. To avoid ending up with a broken tooth and a need for much more complex care, choose a dental filling.

Your Tooth Could Become Infected

If the decay becomes too severe and bacteria enter your tooth, the result will include infection. You will quickly go from requiring a simple filling to needing a root canal treatment and a dental crown instead.

You Could Lose Your Tooth

When the decay is left alone, your tooth breaks, you end up with an infection, and still you receive no treatment, you may surpass our ability to save your tooth. We encourage you to choose a dental filling to avoid eventual tooth loss.