Different Types Of Damage

questionkaleidoscopeWhen you come to see us because your smile is having problems, you are likely aware that a variety of issues may be factoring in. As a result, we may suggest one of a variety of treatments to help you and your oral health. Did you know that sometimes, the trouble is strictly esthetic in nature (which means it affects the way your smile looks) but that other times, it’s actually hurting the health of your grin? We can clear up the details for you, so you have a better understanding of what’s going on with your mouth.

Cosmetic: What Is It/How To Fix It?

When a problem is affecting your mouth that has nothing to do with your oral health but it’s certainly making your smile look unpleasant, we consider this a “cosmetic” problem. As mentioned, this means we need to offer dental treatment to address esthetic damage. This damage might come in the form of stains, chips, or minor cracks. We can address the problems with cosmetic care, relying on treatments like teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental contouring, or even porcelain veneers to fix or cover up the issues. The result will be a beautiful smile.

Oral Health: What Is It/How To Fix It?

In other cases, the trouble with your smile is negatively impacting your oral health. This means even though your smile might look unsightly as a result, you will need restorative care (since the issue is not strictly esthetic in nature). Perhaps you seriously cracked a tooth, broke a tooth, your tooth surfaces are eroded, or otherwise. We will rely on restorative care in these instances, offering treatments like dental fillings, root canal therapy, or beautiful dental crowns.