Porcelain Veneers: Answering Your Questions

questionmarkswhiteDo you love thinking about the finished result of porcelain veneers? However, are there some questions you have regarding a few details or the steps along the way that end up keeping you from choosing this cosmetic treatment for your smile? Rather than giving into the fact that you’re just missing some information, we suggest you take a more proactive approach! Schedule a consultation, ask your questions, and allow us to help you choose the treatment that will offer the desired transformation. For now, learn a bit more with the assistance of a Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Veneers

Question: Are porcelain veneers basically the same thing as porcelain crowns? Do they both cover my entire tooth?

Answer: No! A veneer is a super thin shell that will not cover your entire tooth. Instead, it will camouflage the visible tissue of your tooth (the part you can see when you smile and look in the mirror). A veneer is solely cosmetic. A porcelain crown covers your whole tooth and offers both restorative and cosmetic results.

Question: Are all porcelain veneers the same shade of white? Will my smile end up looking unusually bright or artificial in any way?

Answer: No. We customize the color of your veneers, which means each patient receives a personalized treatment. Thanks to this detail in combination with the remaining full customization of veneers, you can expect a natural looking grin.

Question: Do my teeth have to be resistant to bleaching for me to qualify for veneers?

Answer: No. You may qualify if you want porcelain veneers and your smile is healthy enough to receive them.