Suggestions For Combatting Bruxism

bruxismeraseWhen you discover you’re in need of bruxism treatment, you may find yourself experiencing a mixed bag of emotions. It’s a huge relief that there’s a way to address this functional disorder but you might not be too happy that it’s going on in the first place. We empathize with you and would like to reassure you that treatment goes a long way toward improving your comfort and protecting your oral health. As for additional options to keep your smile safe, we have some simple suggestions.

Skip The Serious Snacking

Are you snacking on ice throughout the day? Are you constantly snacking? Either chewing on foods that are too hard for you or chewing too much can make your bruxism problem worse. Do yourself a favor: Snack on soft foods but limit your snacking, so your bruxism treatment has the chance to work its wonders.

Stop Stressing

Easier said than done, of course, but stress and tension often play into your tendency to grind and clench your teeth. Finding ways to relax, release your anxiety, and easing up on muscle tension can work to promote the effectiveness of your bruxism treatment, rather than work against it. Whether sitting down to listen to music is what you need or joining an exercise or yoga class, it’s up to you!

Don’t Mess Around With Treatment

Once you receive your bruxism treatment, we encourage you to wear the oral appliances exactly as we suggest. Going back and forth with wearing the oral appliance and then choosing to avoid it for a few nights is not going to offer much help. Consistent treatment is what yields success!