Do You Want Straighter Teeth In 6 Months?

Do You Want Straighter Teeth in 6 MonthsIf you have been wanting straighter teeth without the commitment of a long-term program like metal braces, MTM Clear Aligners might be right for you. These clear tray retainers straighten teeth with cosmetic issues in as quickly as 6 months from the beginning of treatment. By focusing on only the aesthetic problems with your smile, these clear aligners are able to achieve results much more quickly than other orthodontic solutions, which can take up to 2 years or more. If you are looking for a more appealing smile in less time, try the MTM clear aligner program.

The MTM Clear Aligners Are a Cosmetic Fix

Unless you have a specific orthodontic need for braces, a cosmetic fix, like MTM clear aligners, will be enough to straighten your smile. In fact, you may prefer the cosmetic focus because it’s finished so much more quickly than the tedious and uncomfortable process of metal braces, and some other clear aligners.

MTM Clear Aligners Let You Eat And Floss

With traditional metal braces, eating and flossing can become a large production with a tragic ending. You can skip all of that with MTM clear aligners. Since you can remove these clear acrylic trays from your teeth at any time, you can eat and floss and brush as usual. Feel free to eat whatever foods you normally enjoy while using the MTM clear aligners. They won’t interrupt your diet the same way that braces might.

MTM Clear Aligners Give You the Fix Without the Hassle

While metal braces may tear up the delicate tissues on the inside of your mouth, MTM clear aligners are relatively smooth. They shouldn’t bother the interior of your mouth. Even if they do, you can always remove the trays at will. Consider a 6-month course of trays versus a 2-year term with braces. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to discuss whether MTM clear aligners are right for you.