When Would You Need an Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning?

When Would You Need an Ultrasonic Deep CleaningIf you’re the type of person who has trouble keeping up with two daily brushings, flossing, and your twice-annual dental check up, you may have developed tartar and plaque in your mouth. You can remove plaque easily enough at home, but tartar is harder and requires a professional hand to remove. If that tartar builds up at your gum line, it can encourage bacteria overgrowth to the point of irritation, inflammation, and eventually even disease. Gingivitis and mild periodontitis are two gum diseases that tartar build up can cause and Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning can help relieve.

What is Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning?

If your gum disease hasn’t reached advanced stages, Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning could be a good treatment option for you. Rather than scaling away all the tartar below the gum line with the more familiar dental hygienist tools, your dentist would use ultrasonic technology to break up the hardened stuff.

Who Should Get Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning?

Anyone with early stage gum disease could be a candidate for Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning. A full deep cleaning of this type would normally take more than one visit. While it might not be at the top of your to-do list, the alternatives are even less enjoyable. Allowing gum disease to develop can result in serious complications that include infections and tooth loss, and can even extend beyond oral health if the disease reaches the innermost roots of your tooth.

What are the Alternatives?

In terms of cleaning the tartar off the gum line, the alternative is manual scaling with dental tools. More advanced disease can require specialist visits, bone grafts, or even surgery. The best option is preventive dentistry, to keep your more healthy from the start, but an Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning might be something to consider if you already have gum disease. Do your best to always keep up with brushing and flossing, make all your scheduled dental check ups, and listen to the advice of your dentist.


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