3 Reasons You Should Be Brushing Your Tongue

3 Reasons You Should Be Brushing Your TongueIt’s easy to get stuck in a brushing routine, but it’s a bit trickier to get out of it. What might help you maintain a solid home hygiene regimen is knowing the underlying reasons for it. Why, for example, should you be brushing your tongue as part of your preventive dental care? There are 3 very convincing reasons to do it.

Your Tongue Harbors Plaque

Just like your teeth get coated in a thin film of bacteria called plaque, your tongue does too. If you’re not regularly brushing your tongue, though, the bacteria can get out of control. One sign of bacterial overgrowth on your tongue is discoloration. Don’t try to brush it all away at once! Brush gently and regularly, or as directed by your dentist, and you will have the best results.

You Can Reduce Bad Breath

After you’ve been brushing your tongue for some time, any discoloration on your tongue may start to improve. Another benefit to tongue brushing could be an improvement in your breath. With regular brushing you should notice a change, otherwise it might be time to head to your dentist. The bacterial build up on your tongue is no joke.

You Can Help Prevent Disease

Dead cells and bacteria on your tongue contribute to your overall oral health. Lack of proper hygiene there can indicate that your general dental routine could use a boost. If you’re ever in doubt, ask your dentist during a check up. They love to talk about ways to keep you healthy.


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