How Is Tooth Extraction a Good Thing?

how is tooth extraction a good thingYour dentist has told you for most of your life about the importance of maintaining your healthy, natural teeth – so why is tooth extraction suddenly something you should consider? Despite our best efforts, dental issues can sometimes develop and threaten our smiles in various ways. A tooth might sustain damage, or quietly develop a cavity, or you might develop wisdom teeth that become impacted. When a tooth becomes so problematic that saving it isn’t an option, tooth extraction may be the best way to protect the rest of your oral healthy from it.

When Less is More

The warning to protect and preserve your natural teeth still holds true, and tooth extraction is typically a last resort, recommended only when your dentist cannot save the tooth with restorative treatment. Common conditions that call for tooth extraction include;

  • Impacted wisdom teeth, meaning your third molars are obstructed by the teeth next to them.
  • Extreme tooth damage, like a fracture or break, that doesn’t leave enough healthy tooth structure to restore.
  • A cracked or fractured tooth root, which cannot be fixed with conventional restorative dentistry.
  • A tooth that is severely crooked and interferes with orthodontic treatment.
  • A tooth that does not have enough support due to severe gum disease.
  • A failed restoration, like root canal treatment or a dental crown, that allows a previously treated tooth to sustain further damage.

Avoid the Need for Tooth Extraction

Some teeth might need extraction regardless of how well you take care of them, like impacted and severely crooked teeth. However, severe tooth infection and gum disease can be prevented with excellent hygiene and regular dental care. Together with your dentist and hygienist, you can maintain control of your dental health and reduce your risks of needing tooth extraction by taking excellent care of your teeth while you still can.


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