Problems With Your Smile That Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix

problems with your smile that cosmetic dentistry can fixYour smile can be a big boost to your confidence. However, if something about your smile is flawed, it can make it harder for you to feel good about your appearance. If you have thought about how you would like to change your smile, you should know that cosmetic dental procedures offer dramatic transformations. Cosmetic dentistry is not about your health, but about how you look. Your dentist can give you insights on what to expect from a certain procedure, and help you understand what treatment might be best for you. Whether you have an isolated problem with a tooth, or concerns that extend across many teeth, you can find relief, and enjoy a smile you love to show off.

A Distracting, Unsightly Tooth

Whether it is genetic, or the result of an injury, an unsightly tooth can throw off your entire smile. Dental bonding and contouring can help you eliminate the problems with a tooth. If it is too large, or has a jagged shape, contouring can bring it in line. Tooth bonding can cover up chips and cracks, take care of discoloration, and even make a tooth appear larger.

Dull, Discolored Teeth

If your problem solely lies with the color of your teeth, a professional cosmetic whitening can actually be done at home. Your dentist can provide you with the prescription-strength tools you need for dramatic results. If you struggle with a range of flaws in your teeth, porcelain veneers can help you completely turn around the appearance of your smile.

Crooked Teeth

Not everyone needs braces to fix crooked teeth. If you qualify, you can have your teeth discreetly realigned with MTM aligners. MTM aligners are designed to be inconspicuous, and can bring your teeth into proper position.


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