We Provide Urgent Care Dentistry

When you chip or crack a tooth, or one is knocked loose or out, then you need urgent care dentistry! Our team can find time to see you quickly to address your dental emergencies and prevent damaged smiles and cavities. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS, dentist talks about our approach to urgent care dentistry.

Signs You Need To See Us

When should you contact our office for dental emergency care? We recommend this if you sustain an injury that cracks or chips a tooth, or if one is knocked out or loose. If you have an injury to your face and no visible damage is apparent, consider an appointment anyway as dental fractures could be nearly invisible to the naked eye. Our team also recommends a visit for urgent care if you have a sudden toothache, an object caught between your teeth, missing or damaged crowns or fillings, or damage to your dental prosthetic. Without attention, these issues could leave a tooth vulnerable to tooth decay and infection, threatening the stability of your smile!

Easing That Initial Discomfort

You should contact our team right away, even outside of normal business hours, so that we can arrange a time to see you quickly for treatment. In the meantime, you can take steps to ease your discomfort and lower the risk of complications. For example, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to ease your discomfort, and you should rinse with warm water. To control bleeding, you can apply cloth or gauze to the area, and a cold compress to the side of your face could control facial swelling. Don’t use anything but floss to try and dislodge a trapped object, otherwise you could damage your teeth or gums. If a tooth is knocked out, pick it up by the crown only, never touch the root, and place it in a glass of salt water or milk. Be sure you bring it with you to the office!

Our Treatment Options

For minor injuries, we could use dental bonding to address the issue in one visit. We also have custom crowns to repair more severe damage and safeguard your smile. We can return a knocked-out tooth to its proper position too, and of course, replace any compromised restorations or prosthetics as needed. Our team could also discuss a custom athletic mouthguard to limit the risk of injuries if you or your child play full contact sports this summer! If you have any questions, contact our team today.


Urgent care dentistry can provide solutions for damaged teeth and prevent serious complications. To find out more about emergency dental care, you can call Dr. Browne in Prairie Village, KS, at 913-901-8585.