A Valuable Solution For Missing Teeth

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Losing one of your teeth is a frustrating experience that immediately impacts your daily life. You can feel embarrassed with the new gap in your smile as it garners unwanted attention and concern over your oral health. Besides the psychological toll of adjusting to your new appearance, tooth loss decreases the function of your bite and can lead to additional problems with your remaining teeth. Speaking and chewing become more difficult as you shift your jaw to accommodate the missing tooth. Your dental alignment changes as teeth take on additional force from your bite. This can erode their structure and damage your smile.

At your Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we understand the difficulty of living with missing teeth. This is why we offer prosthodontic solutions to restore your smile and return a robust bite! Treatments such as placing a dental implant can offer a lifetime of support and help prevent additional tooth loss. Let our team know if you would like to explore a treatment that can return pride in your grin!

The Consequences Of Losing A Tooth

No one looks forward to losing one of their teeth. Whether from physical trauma, decay, or the result of gum disease, a missing tooth can impact your entire day. Articulating certain words can become difficult and cause you to develop a speech impediment. Because your teeth support the muscles of your face, you may find your appearance changing for the worse as your cheeks sink in and become hollow. You must avoid foods that injure your socket and potentially miss out on meals you love. As your alignment shifts, you become more likely to develop decay on remaining teeth from the erosion of enamel. Fortunately, many of these outcomes can be prevented with the right replacement tooth.

Placing A Dental Implant

When you consult with our dental team, we can help determine if you are eligible to receive a dental implant. If your jawbone has grown too weak to support an implant post, we may refer you to a surgeon for bone grafting before continuing with an implant solution. Inserting a titanium rod into your jaw through your open socket allows your oral tissues to fuse and secure it firmly in place. As you heal over the following months, we will plan an above-the-gums restoration to return the appearance of your full tooth. We can attach a dental crown to an abutment at the end of your post to restore your bite and fill the gap in your smile!

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Restoring Lost Teeth!

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