Prosthetics That Support Oral Health

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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you know how upsetting this change in your mouth can be. Not only can a missing tooth cause embarrassment, but the loss can have a serious effect on your oral health as well. Because each of your teeth works together to provide your proper bite, your alignment may change for the worse. As particular teeth take on more of the force of your bite than normal, they experience additional wearing of the enamel. This erosion places you at higher risk for decay, infection, gum disease, and the breaking of weak teeth. You may wake up with soreness in your jaw and face after days of awkward shifting to accommodate the new gap in your bite. As these complications compound, you risk losing additional teeth without proper support.

At your Prairie Village, KS, dentist’s practice, we counsel patients experiencing losing a tooth. By offering modern prosthodontic solutions, we can help you regain your bite and return the original beauty of your smile. This means that the right approach with the correct prosthetic can close the gap in your grin and support your oral health!

The Frustration Of Losing Your Tooth

When you lose one of your teeth, the way you interact with the world is significantly altered. Unfortunately, other people may make negative assumptions about behaviors and conditions that led to your loss and begin to treat you differently. You may have difficulty coordinating your speech as the loss changes your ability to articulate words. Because hard or sharp foods may injure your open socket, you can find yourself missing out on some of your favorite meals. To treat these issues and support your remaining teeth, speak with your dentist and explore your prosthetic options for replacement.

Placing A Dental Bridge

For one or multiple teeth that are lost in a row, we can place a dental bridge to restore your bite. By attaching crowns to healthy teeth on either side of your gap, we connect your prosthetic to stay in place for years to come. A bridge places the necessary pressure on your remaining teeth to prevent them from shifting into your gap and worsening your alignment.

Dental Implants Stimulate Your Jaw

Dental implants provide another option for restoration that offer unique benefits for jawbone health. By placing a titanium post directly into your jaw, we can attach a dental crown above your gum line to complete your prosthetic. Your implant now mimics the function of a tooth’s root by transferring the force of your bite into the bone of your jaw. This stimulation signals your brain that the bone is in use and provides for its continued maintenance. Otherwise, you can expect the loss of your tooth to result in loss of jawbone density as the body redirects nutrients elsewhere.

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