Using Veneers To Improve A Smile That Looks Unhealthy

The work you put into protecting your teeth from problems with decay is important. If you are not consistent with good oral hygiene, you leave yourself vulnerable to cavities that can cause permanent damage to your enamel. For people with cosmetic issues that hurt their teeth, it can be frustrating to know that your smile appears unhealthy even if it is free of problems that demand restorative dentistry. What you should know is that you can actually address these issues through cosmetic dentistry, which can help make your smile look brighter, more uniform, and free of wear and tear. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to discuss treatment with porcelain veneers and other cosmetic services to help those who are self-conscious about their teeth.

Cosmetic Issues Can Make Teeth Appear Older And Less Healthy

If your teeth are dull and discolored from stains or enamel erosion, worn down, chipped, or generally in poor condition, people may assume that you have an unhealthy smile. While your teeth may be free of problems, that perception can follow you, and it can be hard to avoid some feelings of self-consciousness as a result. When these cosmetic issues are addressed through procedures like the placement of porcelain veneers, it can lead to a welcome confidence boost and changes in the way people perceive you!

How Porcelain Veneers Change The Way A Person Looks

What do porcelain veneers do to change the way a person looks? By covering the front surfaces of teeth, they manage to hide problems with discoloration, issues with wear and tear, damage, and even some problems with poor smile alignment and spacing. They are designed to mimic the appearance of healthy enamel, and they will be carefully shaped and tinted to provide the ideal look for your smile. We can use a single veneer to restore the appearance of a tooth that is damaged or misshapen, or use multiple veneers to make broader changes if your smile is generally not in the condition you prefer.

Why You Might Require Dental Crowns For Teeth In Poor Condition

With porcelain veneers, it is possible for us to address a number of cosmetic concerns that people have about the way they look. When problems with a tooth’s condition or size also affect your oral health, it may be appropriate to cap it with a dental crown instead of a veneer. Dental crowns can be made to imitate a healthy tooth, so this can still lead to esthetic improvements, even though a crown’s first purpose is to restore your oral health.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office About Porcelain Veneers

If you feel that your smile makes you look unhealthy, talk to Dr. Browne about treatment with porcelain veneers! Veneers can cover up the issues that often make people unhappy with their appearance, and their durable design can ensure that the benefits are long-lasting. To find out more about how we can help you, contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.