3 Positive Changes Enjoyed After Receiving Dental Implants

It only takes the absence of one tooth to impact your oral health and smile. The problems associated with tooth loss include cosmetic concerns, issues with biting and chewing, and changes over time that raise your risk for losing more teeth. Fortunately, the right prosthetic dental procedure is able to address these different concerns! Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office offers several approaches to treatment for people with different prosthetic dental work needs. When your smile restoration includes the use of dental implants, you can enjoy better bite support along with more comfort with your smile! During a consultation, we can help you understand the range of benefits implants can provide, and also discuss what you can expect from your treatment.

1. You Can Have An Easier Time Biting And Chewing Food

Just one gap in your smile can force you to change the way that you move your jaw when biting into and chewing food. There are several issues with this adjustment that can affect you over time. You may find that it is difficult to avoid problems with TMJ disorder due to your awkward correction. Over time, your compromised bite can raise the amount of stress on the joints and muscles while also creating problems with your joint alignment. There is also a risk that you could wear down your remaining teeth, which can lead to noticeable changes in their appearance.  When you have a dental implant-held prosthetic, you can trust the restoration to stay secure even as you apply pressure to it by biting down. Being able to return to a natural bite will help you return to more natural, comfortable jaw movements that lower your stress levels.

2. You Can Smile And Speak With More Confidence

Adjusting to life with an incomplete smile can be difficult when you fear that people are able to see a gap. A lifelike dental crown held by a dental implant is able to match the color and general look of your neighboring teeth. Because of this, you can regain your confidence, as your smile appears younger as well as healthier!

3. You Can Protect Your Jaw Health

The loss of your tooth’s roots, as well as the portion that was visible, can have a worrying impact on your dental health. Neighboring teeth are more likely to shift because their roots have lost support. Tooth loss can also create problems for your jawbone, as the bone will deteriorate over time without the stimulation of the roots. Implants are able to produce that stimulation again, and they provide better stability for teeth next to your prosthetic.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Receiving An Implant-Held Restoration

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