Tired Of Living With Jaw Pain? A TMJ Appliance Can Help

If your meals are becoming unpleasant because it hurts to bite and chew, or if you are speaking and smiling less because of joint stiffness, you should be concerned. Unresolved problems with your jaw joints and muscles can stem from different issues. The difficulties that result stem from an issue known as TMJ disorder. In order to alleviate tension, pain, or limited movement, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can offer a custom appliance to be worn at night. Your TMJ appliance will gently correct your jaw’s position in order to reduce stress, and to better align the joints. In time, this correction is able to alleviate tension and help you once again move your jaw without aggravating aches and pains!

Is It Hard For You To Bite, Chew, Or Speak Because Of Pain?

When your typical dental functions like biting, chewing, and speaking become painful, you should be alarmed. Not only are these functions you perform often throughout the day, the discomfort can worsen over time. People who struggle with TMJ disorder can develop painful headaches, including migraines. They can also start to have issues with nightly teeth grinding, and that can lead to damage that changes the shape and health of teeth!

Receiving A Custom TMJ Appliance To Ease Your Jaw Troubles

There is no single issue that causes every case of TMJ disorder. For some people, it starts to become a problem because of changes in their bite after tooth loss. Others will pick up a teeth grinding habit that leads to TMJ problems. It can also have to do with a change in the alignment of your jaw after an injury. Through the nightly use of a TMJ appliance provided by your dentist, you can gradually reduce joint and muscle tension, and you can also do work to make your joint alignment more even. Because your appliance is custom-made for you, it can stay comfortable and securely in place throughout the night.

We Can Also Help You With A Teeth Grinding Problem

If your difficulties include a teeth grinding problem, you can become vulnerable to wear and tear on teeth along with chips and cracks that require dental crowns! In order to protect you from nightly grinding, we can recommend the use of a custom guard that keeps your teeth apart while you are sleeping. We are also able to offer cosmetic dental services to help with wear and tear, or restorative treatment for more serious dental harm.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office About Using A TMJ Appliance

Dr. Browne is prepared to speak with patients suffering from TMJ disorder. With the right custom appliance, you can deal with the tension and stress on your joints that has caused you to live with chronic discomfort. To find out more, please contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.