Why A Root Canal Might Be Needed To Save Your Tooth

Some patients develop negative feelings about root canal treatment before they ever undergo the procedure. Because of this, they can react poorly to the news that one will be necessary to take care of a problem with tooth decay or injury. If you are someone who shies away from this procedure, you should know that the procedure makes saving an infected tooth possible. Through root canals, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is able to clear away harmful bacteria housed within your pulp, and take away damaged or infected tissues to stop the spread of these microbes. Without this service, your tooth will be damaged so severely it must be extracted!

Cavities And Injuries Can Put You At Risk For Severe Tooth Trouble

Cavities and untreated dental injuries put you at more risk than you might currently recognize. In time, decay works its way through the layers of your enamel before exposing you to a harmful infection. Injuries, particularly ones serious enough to crack or break enamel, also make you vulnerable to infections. Without a root canal procedure, the infection will worsen. In addition to doing irreversible harm to the tooth, the problem can continue to affect you as bacteria move through your tooth’s roots and begin to cause problems elsewhere.

What To Expect When You Require A Root Canal Procedure

During any dental procedure, our practice is committed to minimizing discomfort while working to save a tooth. During your root canal procedure, we can offer dental sedation to help you stay relaxed while work is done. The procedure itself will see your dentist carefully remove damaged tissues from your numbed tooth before the pulp is sealed, and arrangements are made to protect the tooth with a permanent restoration. Thanks to OraVerse, it is possible for our patients to recover faster from feelings of numbness around the tooth, which can make your time after treatment more comfortable.

Restoring A Tooth After A Root Canal Procedure

It will be necessary to place a dental crown on a tooth after a root canal procedure. People sometimes worry that when they have a crown in place, their smile will be permanently disrupted. If the tooth being restored is in a visible area, it can be cared for with a custom crown made to match its appearance. It can still provide the functional support needed to preserve your natural bite movement.

Set Up A Root Canal Procedure At Our Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office

At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, individuals can set up a root canal procedure to save a vulnerable tooth! In addition to restoring teeth, Dr. Browne is here to help by providing quality preventive care. For more information, call Dr. Browne’s Prairie Village practice at 913-901-8585.