Are You Feeling Self-Conscious About A Chipped Tooth?

example of a young woman embarrassed by a chipped toothA dental injury does not have to be severe to have lasting consequences. A minor chip that just happens to be visible can affect your confidence in your smile, as a relatively slight change can be enough to throw off your appearance and attract unwanted attention from others. That blow to your comfort with your appearance can make you reluctant to smile, and may even make you hesitant about speaking in a way that exposes the damage. Even if you feel resigned to the problem, it is important to note that injuries should be evaluated by a dental professional. You might not realize that the damage has put you at risk for more harm or a tooth infection. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can evaluate your tooth to determine how serious the matter is, and to recommend treatment options.

Even A Slight Chip In A Tooth Can Be A Problem For Your Appearance

All it takes is one minor change to a tooth to make your smile appear asymmetrical. The appearance of a jagged or uneven tooth can also attract attention that you do not want from people. While some injuries are not serious enough to warrant the placement of a dental crown, you may benefit from cosmetic dental work to improve the quality of your smile. Cosmetic services tend to offer more conservative alternatives to treatment for teeth, which means you can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure.

Is Your Chipped Tooth Vulnerable To More Harm?

Your chipped tooth could be in a more vulnerable state than you realize. If the integrity of the tooth is impacted by damage, it can lead to a higher risk for more harm to take place whenever you bite and chew food. This is one reason to have the injury evaluated, even if you are not worried about how it affects the way you look. In addition to being at risk for further physical harm, you could be vulnerable to an infection that demands root canal treatment.

What To Expect From A Custom Dental Crown

If the health and appearance of a tooth are a concern, your dentist can help you by providing a custom dental crown. When a crown is put in place, it covers the tooth above the gum line and takes on its responsibilities for biting and chewing. In order to restore your smile, a crown made from porcelain or zirconia can be made to match the healthy tooth’s appearance.

Bring Up Concerns About A Chipped Tooth With Dr. Browne!

If you ignore your concerns about a chipped tooth, the problem could grow worse in time. Dr. Browne has experience taking care of patients who have experienced dental injuries, and can ensure that your issue is fully resolved. To find out more about our services, call our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.