Trying To Improve Your Brushing Habits? Time Yourself!

If you want to prevent a buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth that can lead to cavities and gum disease, make an effort to improve your brushing routine. Better brushing means reaching and cleaning more areas of your smile, and thoroughly fighting the accumulation of oral bacteria and food debris. What can you do to start making positive changes? If you want to make improvements, try timing yourself the next time you brush your teeth. When you do so, you should log at least two minutes of time. If the procedure takes less than this, you should focus on improving the time you spend on this habit in order to ensure that you reach every area of your smile. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help you by talking with you about your routine, and good habits to pick up, at your next routine dental exam.

Effective Brushing Should Take At Least Two Minutes

It should take you at least two minutes to completely brush your teeth. In this time, you can reach every area of your smile, and you can make sure that the area where your teeth and gums meet has been cared for. Certain areas of a person’s smile are harder to reach than others; if you have undergone restorative dental work in the past for areas near the back of your mouth, it can be a sign that you are not giving yourself enough time to effectively clean!

More Brushing Habits That You Should Pick Up

How long is too long when it comes to using the same brush? At the three month mark, you should let go of an older toothbrush and pick up a new one. If the bristles begin to look worn down before three months have passed, it can be a good idea to pick up a new one earlier. Be careful not to brush with tooth much force, as this can wear down enamel and make it more likely that you can have future problems.

Make Sure Your Diet Is Also Protecting Your Smile

A better diet can help you avoid problems that demand dental fillings or dental crowns at upcoming appointments! It can be easy to miss just how much sugar you consume during the day if you are not paying attention, particularly in the mornings when many people eat sugary cereals and other unhealthy treats.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office Helps Patients Protect Their Teeth

At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we are proud to provide services for our patients that help them stay in good dental health. Dr. Browne can provide treatment when something is wrong, but he is also here to provide guidance to make preventive dental care easier. To learn more, call our Prairie Village dental practice at 913-901-8585.