How Patients Benefit From Having Dental Implants Placed

When a patient has lost even one tooth, they can lose confidence in the way they look, grow frustrated by problems with their dental function, and face risks for further dental health concerns. These issues can worsen over time, particularly if they suffer additional losses. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we are committed to helping individuals who have suffered tooth loss regain confidence, and improve their dental function, through modern prosthetic dental work. Dental implants have made it possible for a person’s smile restoration to offer more than just cosmetic improvements. These biocompatible posts can act as replacement tooth roots, and give your prosthetic appliance real support. You can bite and chew with more comfort, enjoy more stability for your neighboring teeth, and feel comfortable with your smile!

Dental Implants Provide Functional Support For Restorations

For single-tooth restorations and larger appliances, like dental bridges and dentures, dental implants can offer important benefits. An implant mimics many of the functions that our roots provide our teeth. One important form of support is the actual support your implant gives you by linking your restoration to your jawbone. The stability provided in this arrangement can make you comfortable with putting biting and chewing pressure on your prosthetic, which can help you sustain a fuller diet. The placement of an implant even helps keep neighboring teeth set in place, as the post provides more protection for the roots on either side to keep them from shifting.

Your Dental Implants Can Help Sustain Your Jawbone

When people bite and chew, their jawbone tissues are stimulated by their teeth roots. That stimulation triggers a delivery of nutrients that will help the bone maintain its health and condition over the years. One reason that tooth loss can be so harmful in the long term is that it interferes with this stimulation. Because your implant will be set directly in your jawbone, you can restore stimulation, and avoid problems with deterioration.

Arranging The Placement Of Dental Implants

During an initial evaluation, your dentist can find the exact right location for a dental implant, and make sure that you are a good candidate for placement. In some cases, preliminary restorative dental work can be required, or care may be needed to address unresolved periodontal disease. When you are approved, your dentist can talk to you about arranging the placement procedure. A healing period will need to take place after the implant is set, so that your jawbone can properly fuse with it and provide ideal support.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Prosthetic Work Featuring Dental Implants

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