Reminders: How You Should Use Your Teeth

While it’s not something anyone wants to admit, sometimes you can actually be the sole source of your tooth pain or trauma that leads to your need for emergency dental care. The truth is, sometimes patients use their teeth in ways they really shouldn’t. This can lead to broken teeth, chipped teeth, and more. We’d like to talk about some of the more obvious things you may be doing (and some of the less obvious). Remember that when you keep your smile clean and you protect it from unnecessary damage, it’s easy to avoid problems.

Don’t Carry Things With Your Smile

It’s very easy to make the occasional excuse that you have too many things to carry into your home but your hands are completely full. So, just this one time, you figure you’ll grab that last bag with your mouth! Don’t do it. You may end up with broken teeth and an unexpected need for emergency dental care.

Don’t Replace Utensils With Your Teeth

Your teeth and jaws are indeed strong and powerful. However, they are not meant to replace your fork or your knife or any other utensil that helps you first break apart, break down, cut, soften, (the list goes on), your food. Make whatever you’re about to eat bite size and prepped so that it won’t damage your smile.

Don’t Open Packages, Tear Things, Etc.

Want to end up requiring an emergency dental care visit? Then you should use your teeth to break apart packaging, open up letters, tear through tape, and more. Not interested in trauma? Use your hands, a letter opener, or something else!

Avoid Accidentally Damaging Teeth By Heeding Our Suggestions

Take our very simple information seriously as it applies to your smile, so you know teeth are safe. We’re happy to advise you during visits! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.