2 Things You’re Almost Getting Right

You don’t want to experience tooth pain, decay, broken teeth, or other problems. So, you strive to make the best choices throughout the day. We applaud your dedication! However, we also like to review your daily care every now and then to ensure you’re getting things right, so you don’t end up disappointed when you’re putting forth so much effort! Let’s review a couple things patients frequently almost get right. With some new knowledge, you’ll be right on track.

#1: You’re Brushing Immediately After Eating

When you eat a meal or snack, are you running to the bathroom to brush immediately once you’re through? If so, you have good intentions for avoiding decay and the tooth pain and other problems that come with it. However, you may be causing another issue: Erosion. When you brush right after eating, your teeth are vulnerable because your mouth is in an acid state. Instead, start by rinsing. Then, wait about a half hour or a bit longer. Finally, when you go to brush, your mouth will have returned to a more neutral pH for safe smile care.

#2: You’re Assuming All Gum Is Bad

You might wistfully glance at the gum in the grocery store, remembering when you used to enjoy it. Good news: Not all gum is bad, so if you’re avoiding altogether, consider the facts. If it does not contain sugar, then it’s actually good for you! It can help prevent bacteria-related problems like decay because it helps to pull bad stuff from your smile (like plaque and leftover bits of food). It’s a smart thing to include in your daily life! When you prevent decay and gingivitis, you avoid tooth pain, bad breath, and more.

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