Why You Don’t Have To Cry Over A Toothache

If you think you are the first person to experience a toothache and immediately feel extremely upset about it, think again! This is most certainly an inconvenience in your life. One moment, your teeth feel fine. The next, you know something is wrong but you’re not sure what (and it doesn’t feel so great). While this is going to bring about a bit of frustration, it is not something that must yield tears! Consider some reasons why an uncomfortable tooth is actually much less of a problem than it first seems.

You Can See Us When You Need Us

Don’t ever forget that worrying yourself into tears over a toothache is absolutely not necessary. We are here for you! Call our practice, tell us your tooth doesn’t feel good, and remember that we offer emergency dental care for issues just like this. If your tooth hurts, we will be happy to see you ASAP.

We Can Fix Your Problem!

Not only are we happy to have you come in at the drop of a hat if you deal with a toothache. We are also happy to fix whatever is affecting your tooth in this way. Do you need a dental filling? A dental crown? Root canal therapy? Perhaps you require a dental extraction. No matter what it is, we offer it with our comprehensive restorative care!

OTC Meds Offer A Short-Term Solution

Don’t spend a moment suffering between the time your toothache hits and the time you come in to see us. Instead, head to your medicine cabinet for an over-the-counter pain reliever. This will allow you to regain comfort until we are able to treat the tooth.

Treat Toothaches By Scheduling Immediate Care

Don’t let your toothache worsen. Instead, contact our team to set up an appointment ASAP, so we can fix the problem and you can say goodbye to discomfort. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.